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Crystal City, Texas Family Internment Camp map

Crystal City, Texas Family Internment Camp map (2018) annotated by former internee Werner Ulrich—includes plot plans, drawings of building types, and location of work areas, as well as lists of internees held in the camp, births, and deaths. Staff, including teachers and medical personnel, are listed. Which cottage each interned family lived in is also shown.

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The Herrmann family story on-line

Michael Murphy contacted us recently, sharing the World War II internment reminiscences of his grandparents, Hans and Ella Herrmann, and giving us a bit of their history. His mother, Barbara, was twelve at the time. Placed in a temporary holding facility in Chicago, Hans was moved to Camp McCoy, in Wisconsin, then on to Ft. […]

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small group of internees work on the railroad

Ebel Story

Max Ebel, a German Immigrant’s Story Max Ebel, a U.S. resident German alien, was interned from September 1942 until June 1944. The reason for his internment was never explained to him. During the time he was interned, he was in five different internment facilities and worked for the Northern Pacific Railroad in North Dakota. This […]

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man, woman, adult daughter

Herrmann Story

“The Hard Way to Become a Citizen” As told to grandson, Michael Murphy The reality of World War II came knocking on the door of the Herrmann’s home in Chicago on August 6, 1942. The United States had declared war in December of the prior year but the impact on certain US residents of German […]

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Crystal City Internment Camp mystery

Tommy Dyo recently offered us photographs of Annie Kaiser, Hildegard Voelker, and Betty, women who worked with his father, Ken, in the hospital at the Crystal City, TX Internment Camp. Interned with his father, Tsutomu Dyo, Ken was not a doctor, probably serving as a medical assistant. The first two women were probably deported to […]

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Bismarck, ND WW II internment camp structure to be reassembled

A piece of WW II history, a former barrack building, “T-23,” used to house male internees from the U.S. and Latin America at the Fort Lincoln, Bismarck, ND Internment Camp, is being reassembled. The Missouri Valley Historical Society has a $2,000 grant from Preservation North Dakota to help with the renovation. Volunteer Mike Beck, working […]

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“Only the Oaks Remain” exhibit in San Francisco

“Only the Oaks Remain: The story of Tuna Canyon Detention Station” in WW II, is on display from June 9, 2018-January 31, 2019, at 640 Old Mason Street, Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129. Sponsored by the National Japanese American Historical Society, the exhibit tells the true stories of people targeted as dangerous enemy aliens […]

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view along fence to guard tower in the distance; row of trees to left

Ft. Lincoln, ND Civil Liberties Justice Center One Step Closer

The United Tribes Technical College, whose campus encompasses the former Fort Lincoln Internment Camp near Bismarck, North Dakota, has completed a Condition and Feasibility Assessment that provides recommendations to rehabilitate a former hospital and the hospital steward’s quarters for preservation and reuse. The study was funded with a 2013 grant from the Japanese American Confinement Sites […]

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