During the early months of World War II, many internees were sent to the prison in Stringtown, Oklahoma, operated by the U.S. Army. The prison started accepting internees on March 30, 1942. Located four miles north of Stringtown, the camp was previously a sub-prison, established in 1933, to relieve overcrowding at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. Stringtown had a capacity of 500 and held primarily German internees, but some Italians and Japanese were also held there. Three rosters of internees are now available on line: 31 Aug 1942, 30 Sept 1942, and 1 Dec 1942. All were found in NARA, RG59, State Dept, special War Problems Division, Entry A1 1352, Inspection Reports, 1942-1946, Box 21, folder “Stringtown ’42”