As explained in greater detail in the Latin American Program, the US sought to extend its authority over Latin America before and during World War II, to promote both national security and business interests. Except for Argentina, Brazil and Chile, the Latin American countries complied, many for their own reasons. Brief overviews of some of the Latin American camps are included here.

stone guard tower and fort walls, with group of men at right

El Hormiguero "The Anthill" Managua, Nicaragua

  In Nicaragua, the dictator, Anastasio Somoza, complied with US requests, and ordered all German citizens arrested, as well as […]
two story ruins of hotel used for internment in WW II

Hotel Sabaneta, Fusagasugá, Colombia

  German internees in the area of Fusagasugá, Columbia were held in the Hotel Sabaneta. Unlike some Latin American holding […]
group of multi-story buildings

Isle of Pines, Cuba

This national prison for men was built on an out island of Cuba in 1931, modeled on a prison in […]
map of the isthmus of Panama

Panama Canal Zone

Run by the United States military, Camp Empire temporarily housed civilian internees, including women and children, from all over Latin […]
San José, Costa Rica large penitentiary on top of hill

San José, Costa Rica

By early 1942, Costa Rican officials began building a large prison facility on the outskirts of the city. It was […]