2 story brick building with rounded turret in front

4800 Ellis Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 

The temporary detention facility at 4800 Ellis Avenues in Chicago was used to house German detainees who were awaiting their […]
buildings at Algiers Immigration Station

Algiers Immigration Detention Station, Louisiana

Camp Algiers, a former INS quarantine station, was used to house enemy aliens during World War II. Located across the […]
photo of exterior of barracks building, perched on a hill

Angel Island, San Francisco Bay, California 

Known as the “Ellis Island of the West,” this 740 acre island in San Francisco Bay was originally built as […]
overview of site of East Boston temporary detention facility

East Boston, Massachusetts INS Detention Facility 

Located in Boston Harbor, before World War II, the East Boston INS facility had been used as temporary housing for […]
large hall with some seating areas and 2 large U.S. flags

Ellis Island, New York City, New York

The most famous and ironic of the temporary detention facilities was Ellis Island where millions of immigrants were welcomed to […]
3 story building with turrets in background, with dancing circles of women and audience in foreground

Gloucester City, New Jersey Internment Facility 

The U.S. Immigration Station which held detainees near Gloucester City, New Jersey was a large, converted Victorian house on South […]
window in one Home of the Good Shepherd facilities

Homes of the Good Shepherd

During World War II many women detainees were temporarily housed in Homes of the Good Shepherd located in Buffalo, Cleveland, […]
view of camp

Sharp Park and 801 Silver Avenue Temporary Detention Stations—San Francisco, California

Angel Island, in San Francisco Bay, was the official Immigration and Naturalization Station for the area, but in 1940 a […]
view of Terminal Island

Terminal Island Quarantine and Detention Center, San Pedro, California 

Terminal Island currently houses one of eight Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention and Removal Operations Service […]
Tuna Canyon mess hall

Tuna Canyon Detention Station, Tujunga, California

Located seventeen miles from Los Angeles, in Tujunga, California, Tuna Canyon was the site of an old CCC camp, converted […]
image of Gripsholm

S.S. Gripsholm

Although the Gripsholm and other vessels used to transport internees to war-torn European countries were not technically  “camps,” passenger-internees were […]