Werner Ahrens' three children

Werner Ahrens, Enemy Alien

Dad’s Story: Werner Ahrens, Enemy Alien written by his oldest daughter, Shirley Weiss November 20, 2005 My father died in […]

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Distressed Seamen or Internees?

On January 19, 1939, having scuttled their boat off Cuba to avoid its capture by the British, German sailors from […]

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German Sailors on the High Desert: a WW II Detention Camp at Fort Stanton

“German Sailors on the High Desert: A WW II Detention Camp at Fort Stanton” was written by Tomas Jaehn, an […]

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Interned: Internment of the SS Columbus crew at Fort Stanton, New Mexico 1941-1945

McBride, James J., 2003—The first residents of the Fort Stanton Internment Camp, New Mexico, were the German crew of the […]

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