Thanks to Martin Huwart, who contacted GAIC about finding records of his great-uncle, interned in the U.S. from Haiti. He, with the help of independent researcher Satu Haase-Webb, found and shared with us a number of documents and photographs about Camp Kenedy, Texas, one of the two internment camps his great-uncle was in. (Camp Kenedy held mostly Latin Americans.) We have, for the first time, a complete census of inmates, dated October 31, 1942, a batch of photographs of internees arriving or leaving the camp, and a Feb 1943 letter exchange between Jewish internees being held at Camp Kenedy, Texas and W. Bruppacher, Department of German Interests, Legation of Switzerland, charged with camp inspection and oversight of internees of German ethnicity. They express concerns about finances, censorship, and the difficulties of living “close to our worst enemies.” There are three reports on conditions at the camp, two in May of 1942, shortly after the first internees arrived there, and a follow-up written in October, detailing improvements made.