Three Stringtown, Oklahoma Alien Internment Camp inspection reports

Three Stringtown, Oklahoma, Alien Internment Camp inspection reports are now online. The first, written by Max Habicht, representing the Swiss Legation in charge of German interests, and Whitney Young, Department of State, described a visit from 25-28 June 1942, shortly after the facility opened. They were highly critical. “The appearance and atmosphere of this camp are […]

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profile and head-on photos of Karl Vogt, with "Sheriff's Office, Spokane, Wash." and date on sign in front of him-standard "mug shot"

Vogt Story

The Karl Vogt Story The following are excerpts/condensations of portions of the book, THE MISPLACED AMERICAN, which was compiled and edited by Ursula Vogt Potter and published by 1stBooks Library (now AuthorHouse) in 2003. These excerpts/condensations have to do with the sections of the book relating to the internment of Karl Friedrich Vogt from Dec. […]

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