small group of internees work on the railroad

Ebel Story

Max Ebel, a German Immigrant’s Story Max Ebel, a U.S. resident German alien, was interned from September 1942 until June 1944. The reason for his internment was never explained to him. During the time he was interned, he was in five different internment facilities and worked for the Northern Pacific Railroad in North Dakota. This […]

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man, woman, adult daughter

Herrmann Story

“The Hard Way to Become a Citizen” As told to grandson, Michael Murphy The reality of World War II came knocking on the door of the Herrmann’s home in Chicago on August 6, 1942. The United States had declared war in December of the prior year but the impact on certain US residents of German […]

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Banzhaf Story

  My parents Emmy Elfriede and Eugen Banzhaf’s lives included two world wars, the severe inflation in Europe during the period between the wars, the depression in the United States, and the isolation and marginalization that came with interment during the second World War. This is their story. Eugen Banzhaf, came to the United States […]

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photo of the couple, she wearing hat tipped at rakish angle

Heitmann Story

“Untrue and Unjust Accusations”1 As told by John Heitmann, Ph.D — Son History and past memories, especially recent past memories, were rarely topics of family conversation when I was growing up during the 1950s and 1960s. World War II, in particular, was off limits for discussion, and might as well have taken place in the […]

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the couple stands in front of their bungalow; she holds a cat

Neupert Story

The Neupert Family Story My father and mother, George Neupert and Emma Hoechner Neupert, were both born in Germany. My father and his sister emigrated to the United States in 1928, and my dad brought my mother over the following year. My parents were married in June, 1931, and I was born on October 10, […]

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3 rows of children, boys and girls, with their teacher

Reseneder Story

The Reseneder Family Internment Story My mother, Charlotte Reseneder Dimmling, her sister, Othilia “Tilly” Reseneder Busse and my grandparents were interned in Crystal City from 1942 until December 1945, seven months after the war in Europe ended. How they got there and why they were there is truly an amazing, but yet sad, story. Both […]

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sketch of Crystal City Internment Camp with child in foreground

Scheibe Story

On the 8th of November, 2002, my brother (Egon Scheibe Jr.) and I (Erika Scheibe Seus) went on a journey to Crystal City, Texas. This was a journey we needed to make. Our parents, Grete Scheibe, now 89, and our deceased father Egon Sr. were internees at a camp there during World War II. After […]

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Schmitz family, parents with four children

The Schmitz Family Story

  We have all read about the mass relocation of about 120,000 Japanese from the west coast shortly after Pearl Harbor to various camps in the interior and about 10,000 to internment camps. However little is known about the selective internment of about 12,000 German and a number of Italians who were also considered dangerous […]

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Paul and Gertrude Schneider

Schneider Story

A Mother Interned, A Family Left Behind Gertrude Anna Schneider, an interned German immigrant Paul Schneider, an excluded naturalized German America citizen As told to eldest daughter, Vilma Schneider Ralston in March 1983 Gertrude Anna Schneider, began life in Backnang, Germany (near Stuttgart) on September 25, 1908….first child of Johann and Luise Grokenberger. Her first […]

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Voester parents, 1942

Voester Story

The Voester Family Story As told by Kurt Voester (son) Being a German “enemy alien” at the beginning of WW II was not a desirable position to be in. Here is the story of what happened to a San Francisco family in which the immigrant German parents were long time residents but not citizens of […]

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