During WWII, internment camps in the U.S. were visited periodically by neutral representatives, usually from the International Red Cross, or from Switzerland, acting for German interests, or Spain, overseeing Japanese interests. These representatives were generally accompanied by a State Department official, since a number of internees were from Latin America, imprisoned by the State Department’s Special War Problems Division. These Seagoville, Texas internment camp inspection reports from 1943-1945 provide a look at facilities, ebb and flow of the population, and treatment and morale of civilians held there. NARA, RG 59, State Dep’t, Special War Problems Division, Entry A1 1352, Inspection Reports, 1942-1946, Box 21, folder “Seagoville ’44-’45.”

1943: 25-26 Jan 1943 — 20 Oct 1943

1944: 6 May 1944 (in French) — 22-23 Aug 1944

1945: 31 Jan 1945 (French/English)