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John Christgau, Director

John Christgau, a California resident, is the author of nine books. His novel Spoon won the Society of Midland Authors prize for “Best Fiction.” ENEMIES, this country’s first book on the World War II Alien Enemy Control Program (AECP), was published by the Iowa State University Press in 1983, and republished by the University of […]

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Lothar Eiserloh, Director

Lothar Eiserloh and his family experienced major upheaval with the advent of WW II. His father, Mathias, was arrested the day after the Pearl Harbor bombing. For two years his mother, Johanna, struggled daily to feed, clothe, and house her children, before the family was reunited in the Crystal City, TX Internment Camp. Two years […]

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Legacy of Crystal City’s Internment Camps

Robyn Ross’s 2014 article for the Texas Observer, “Legacy of Crystal City’s Internment Camps,” discusses the Crystal City, Texas, Family Internment Camp of WW II, which provided much needed work for many Crystal City residents. The article outlines the history of the Enemy Alien Control Program and interviews former internees, as well as discussing the balance between national […]

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