On March 30, 2014, the Tuna Canyon Detention Station (TCDS) Coalition hosted its first multicultural panel, “Discovering History in Your Own Backyard,” at 12953 Branford Street, Pacoima, CA. Sigrid Toye, Min Tonai, Reverend Dr. Yoshi Tsuyuki, and Grace Shimizu, descendants of Japanese and German Americans and Japanese Peruvians incarcerated at TCDS, told their personal stories. Ms Toye also screened her powerful short film, remembering the night her father was taken away. Ms Shimizu, for years director of the Japanese Peruvian Oral History Project, discussed comparisons to today’s political climate. California State Universty students as well as community members participated in a question and answer period that followed. Sponsors were the San Fernando Valley JACL and the San Fernando Valley Comunity Center.