In June 2015, the San Fernando Valley Japanese Community Center, Pacoima, California, and the Community Center’s Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition received $102,190. from the National Park Service, which administers grants from the Japanese Confinement Sites Grants Program. The grant will fund development of a museum-quality traveling exhibit to tell the story of the former Tuna Canyon Detention Station in Tujunga, California. Only the Oaks Remain: The Tuna Canyon Detention Station Traveling Exhibit, will include the names of the more than 2,000 people of Japanese, Italian, German, and Japanese-Peruvian descent detained at Tuna Canyon, along with brief biographies of several detainees. The traveling exhibit also will include video interviews with detainees’ children, and a diorama and model of the Tuna Canyon Detention Station, which was torn down in 1960.

The Community Center’s Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition consists of family members of Japanese, German, and Japanese-Peruvian former internees, as well as people from nearby communities.

Image is Tuna Canyon, CA entry station—back of photo stamped: “M H Scott Officer in Charge, received May 26, 1942, U.S. Imgr’n & Nat. Ser. Tuna Canyon Detention Station, Tujunga Calif.” Image available on the internet and included in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107.