Jacobs, Arthur D. The Prison Called Hohenasperg, An American Boy Betrayed by his Government during World War II. uPublish.com, 1999.

Unknown to most Americans, more than 10,000 Germans & German Americans were interned in the United States during WWII. This story is about the internment of a young American & his family. He was born in the U.S.A. & the story tells of his perilous path from his home in Brooklyn to internment at Ellis Island, N.Y. & Crystal City, Texas, & imprisonment, after the war, at a place in Germany called Hohenasperg. When he arrived in Germany in the dead of winter, he was transported to Hohenasperg in a frigid, stench-filled, locked, & heavily guarded, boxcar. Once in Hohenasperg, he was separated from his family & put in a prison cell. He was only twelve years old! He was treated like a Nazi by the U.S. Army guards & was told that if he didn’t behave he would be killed. He tried to tell them he was an American, but they just told him to shut up. His fellow inmates included high-ranking officers of the Third Reich who were being held for interrogation & denazification. The book tells how the author survived this ordeal & many others, & how he fought his way back to his beloved America.

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