Zum Nazi verdammt

German language documentary available online.  Zum Nazi verdammt. Das Schicksal deutschstämmiger US-Familien im 2. Weltkrieg, die in amerikanischen Lagern interniert wurden. Documentation directed by Michaela Kirst for Tangram Films, Deutschland, Bayr. Rundfunk, 2007, 52 Min.  Many interviews conducted in English with voiceovers.  Unfortunately, the online version ends 10 minutes early.  Documentary aired on German and French network […]

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photo of the couple, she wearing hat tipped at rakish angle

Heitmann Story

“Untrue and Unjust Accusations”1 As told by John Heitmann, Ph.D — Son History and past memories, especially recent past memories, were rarely topics of family conversation when I was growing up during the 1950s and 1960s. World War II, in particular, was off limits for discussion, and might as well have taken place in the […]

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the couple stands in front of their bungalow; she holds a cat

Neupert Story

The Neupert Family Story My father and mother, George Neupert and Emma Hoechner Neupert, were both born in Germany. My father and his sister emigrated to the United States in 1928, and my dad brought my mother over the following year. My parents were married in June, 1931, and I was born on October 10, […]

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