April 2013—William McWhorter, historian with the Texas Historical Commission, reports: “The Texas Historical Commission’s archeological survey of two sites of the former Crystal City (Family) Internment Camp was conducted between April 15-19 of this year [2013]. Last month, our contractor Hicks and Co. completed their final report. … I regret we found next to nothing that pertained to the site’s history as an internment camp during World War II. The items located were almost entirely post World War II in age (e.g. nails, beer can pull-tabs, car parts, etc.) almost 100% non-internment camp specific. It turns out that there is a tremendous amount of polluted fill-dirt all around the pool area (f.y.i., we did not dig in the deep end of the pool), but we did survey the two bath houses associated with the pool, and the foundational remains of the Japanese elementary school.”