Inspection report for Ft. Lincoln, Bismarck, ND, 1945

On October 24-25, 1945, Ft. Lincoln was inspected by Dr. Rudolph Fischer, Swiss Legation representative, and Van Arsdale Turner, Department of State. Activated in 1942 as an internment camp for civilians of Japanese ethnicity, it later became exclusively a camp for German American and Latin American civilians until February 1945. At the time of this report, the facilities […]

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Letter to Senator William Langer from a group of Ft. Lincoln internees, Jan 1946—Requests Help to Avoid Forced Repatriation

Letter to Senator William Langer from a group of Ft. Lincoln internees, January 29, 1946—requests help to avoid forced repatriation (provided by an internee family) A petition was also submitted to Congress on January 24, 1947, signed by 156 internees held on Ellis Island, asking for their release, as well as those held in Crystal City and other detention […]

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