Lists of Names

Website visitors searching for more information about the U.S. internment programs of WW II will be interested in our numerous lists of internees, especially it they are wondering whether their family members were interned and if so, where. Besides offering help requesting records from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the German American Internee Coalition collected these lists […]

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Were Jews interned by the U.S.?

Yes. In a Feb 1943 letter exchange between Jewish internees being held at Camp Kenedy, Texas and W. Bruppacher, Department of German Interests, Legation of Switzerland, charged with camp inspection and oversight of internees of German ethnicity, they express concerns about finances, censorship, and the difficulties of living “close to our worst enemies.” NARA RG 59, State Dept, Special […]

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1942 Fort Sam Houston, Texas, internee list available

Recently a 1942 list of internees held in Fort Sam Houston, Texas, was made available to our organization by Martin Huwart, who contacted us about uncovering the internment history of his great-uncle. With the help of independent researcher Satu Haase-Webb, a number of documents were found and shared with GAIC. The men listed here were all being held […]

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image of buildings, guard

Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition Receives New Funding

On June 8, 2017, the Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition was awarded $54,000 by the National Park Service, which administers grants from the Japanese Confinement Sites Grants Program. These funds will be used to continue their work documenting the history of the Detention Station and the people who were held there during WW II. Planning […]

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“Train to Crystal City” shortlisted for Dayton Literary Peace Prize

The Train to Crystal City, by Jan Jarboe Russell, has been shortlisted for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize, the only literary prize in the U.S. that recognizes the value of literature to help promote peace and reconciliation throughout the world. The winner will be honored with a $10,000 prize in November in Dayton and the runner-up will receive […]

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Daily Life at Crystal City Internment Camp

Have you ever wondered what daily life was like for internees held in a WWII internment camp in the U.S.? Caitlin T. Dietze’s thesis,  “Daily Life at Crystal City Internment Camp 1942-1945” (2016), was recently published on-line by the University of New Orleans. She relates the experiences of Crystal City Internment Camp residents through oral histories […]

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Werner Ahrens' three children

Werner Ahrens, Enemy Alien

Dad’s Story: Werner Ahrens, Enemy Alien written by his oldest daughter, Shirley Weiss November 20, 2005 My father died in 1957 at age 45. Because of his early death, he took his internment story to his grave. Perhaps he signed an oath of secrecy like other internees, or like most others he wanted to forget […]

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Distressed Seamen or Internees?

On January 19, 1939, having scuttled their boat off Cuba to avoid its capture by the British, German sailors from the luxury liner, the S.S. Columbus, were brought to Angel Island, California, March 1, 1940. At first these internees were labeled “distressed seamen paroled from the German Embassy,” but later, when the U.S. entered the war, the […]

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