Internee E-Group

INTERNEE E-GROUP If you would like to join our online egroup for persons interested in German American and Latin American internment, you may do so by sending an email to the following address and typing SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. To join, you will be requested to establish a Yahoo ID, but may use your own […]

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Document Archive

  Materials Related to World War II Control and Internment of Civilians in the United States and Latin America Alien Enemies Act of 1798  Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders Presidential Proclamations, Dec 1941: Japanese 2525 German 2526 Italian 2527 Presidential Proclamation 2497, 17 Jul 1941 — blacklists Latin American firms/individuals Executive Order 8985, 19 Dec 1941 — establishes Office of […]

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CURRICULUM GUIDE AND LESSON PLANS Curriculum Guide and Lesson Plans, including Three One-Act Plays The following Instructions to Teachers, Lesson Plan Table of Contents and Lesson Plans are available in pdf format by clicking on the related, highlighted document title. INSTRUCTIONS TO TEACHERS LESSON PLAN TABLE OF CONTENTS Lesson Plans Lesson Plan One — The World […]

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Internee Records

OBTAINING AN INTERNEE’S RECORDS For many, the decision to request family internment records is a difficult one. You are not sure what you will get or if you will like what you read. The decision is an individual one, and the GAIC generally encourages document acquisition. If you do obtain internment records, a word of […]

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Inouye family 1943

Inouye Memoir

Hisao Inouye’s Story   While our website is about German American and Latin American residents interned during WW II, we are making an exception to post Hisao Inouye’s memoirs here. He was held in temporary facilities, a military prison, and various Immigration and Naturalization camps, six in all, during his years as an enemy alien. […]

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the Welckers

the Welcker Family Story

The Welcker Family Story by Rosita Welcker My name is Rosita Welcker. I am German citizen and live in Bogota, Colombia. My father’s name was Friedrich Paul Welcker. He was born in Moenchengladbach, Germany on April 4, 1902. He moved to South America in 1931 and first lived in Caracas, Venezuela. In April 1937 he […]

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Joachim F. Rehbock

Joachim Rehbock’s Story

A brief history of Joachim Rehbock My paternal uncle Joachim F. Rehbock was born in Karlsruhe, Land of Baden-Wuertenberg, Germany on April 7, 1910. He was the third son (my father Arnold was the second) of Theodor Rehbock, professor in Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe. After finishing the High School Gymnasium in the […]

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Heidi Donald

Heidi Gurcke Donald, Vice President/Treasurer

Heidi Gurcke Donald and her family were expelled from their home in San José, Costa Rica and interned in Crystal City, Texas, for fifteen months before her father, Werner Gurcke, was released on parole. A graduate of the University of California in San Francisco, she is a retired public health nurse living in California. She […]

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parents with 2 small boys

The Grabers

The Grabers, two young boys and their German-born parents, lived in New Jersey in an apartment building owned by a Polish landlord. When Hitler invaded Poland, the relationship became strained, so the Grabers moved. The landlord contacted the FBI. Mr. Graber worked on “war sensitive technology” for the International Nickel Company. The FBI began to […]

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