The headstones from four internee graves were photographed by Werner Ulrich, a former internee, at the Edgewood Cemetery, Crystal City, Texas. He found no others. All of these internee families were from Latin America. (An earlier article mis-identified the cemetery as Benito Juarez.)

The Schuster Medina family

Ludwig Schuster Medina was born and died on June 16, 1945.

His mother, Teofelina Medina DeShuster, born January 8, 1919 in Arequipa, Peru, died March 18, 1946.

Father and husband: Theodore Schuster. Born May 23, 1896 in Berlin, Germany.

Daughter: Sonie Schuster. Born September 8, 1943 in Lima, Peru.


Schuster Medina


The Reinbold Family

Edgar Reinbold, born January 6, 1941 in Ampala, Honduras, died of injuries when hit by a truck on May 11, 1944. His family members are listed below.

Father:  Fritz Reinbold.  Born May 3, 1908 in Nesselwang, Germany.

Mother: Emma Reinbold.  Born June 16, 1912 in Ampala, Honduras.

Sister:  Edith Reinbold.  Born January 12, 1940 in Ampala, Honduras.

Sister:  Ingrid Helma.  Born May 5, 1942 in Ampala, Honduras.

Step-brother:  Leoncio Delgado.  Born April 23, 1933 in Ampala, Honduras.




The Weyrauch Family

Carmen Cornelia Weyrauch was born  and died June 9, 1945.

Father: Wolfgang Weyrauch. Born December 7, 1907 in Hessen, Germany.

Mother: Imelda Valdizen Weyrauch. Born May 9, 1919 in Lima, Peru.