family mug shot, 1943

the Gurcke Family Story

The Gurcke Family Story © 2006 By Heidi Gurcke Donald Our family was one of thousands in Latin America, caught in the far flung net cast by U.S. authorities seeking “the enemy” during World War II. My father, Werner Gurcke, and his brother, Karl Oskar, lived through World War I as children in Hamburg, Germany. […]

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Berg family in 1902

Berg Story

Internment of German Americans in Hawaii under Martial Law By: Doris Berg Nye—My Memories of the War Years My parents and my older sister were interned in Honolulu. My Dad and Mom on Dec. 8, 1941. My older sister, Elle, age 18, was taken five days later. My younger sister, age 9, and I, age […]

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Fuhr family photo in Crystal City, TX

Fuhr Story

The Fuhr Family Story My Internment by the US Government By Eberhard E. Fuhr © 2006 My parents, Carl and Anna Fuhr, immigrated to the U.S. in 1927 and 1928. My father came in 1927, and my mother, along with my older brother, Julius and me, immigrated in 1928. We settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. My […]

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Greis mother with 4 sons

Greis Story

The Greis Story — Interned with Sons in the US Military My parents, Peter Joseph and Franziska Greis, were born near Cologne, Germany on April 9, 1891 and May 20, 1897, respectively. My father was a WWI veteran. They married in Germany after WWI and in 1922, my older brother Siegfried was born. My father […]

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men line up for photo with small child in front, center

Levermann Story

My name is Bernard Levermann. My parents Kaethe and Bernard emigrated to the US from Northern Germany in the late 1920’s. I was born on June 25th, 1941 at New York Hospital. During World War II my family was interned in Crystal City, Texas. Because I was only a baby at the time I do […]

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Eiserloh family

Eiserloh Story

The Eiserloh Story Mathias and Johanna Eiserloh met in Johanna’s hometown of Idstein, Germany after WWI, where Mathias was a civil engineering student. They shared a dream of emigrating to America and did so in 1922. They brought with them the hopes and dreams held by most immigrants to this country—to live, work and raise a […]

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profile and head-on photos of Karl Vogt, with "Sheriff's Office, Spokane, Wash." and date on sign in front of him-standard "mug shot"

Vogt Story

The Karl Vogt Story The following are excerpts/condensations of portions of the book, THE MISPLACED AMERICAN, which was compiled and edited by Ursula Vogt Potter and published by 1stBooks Library (now AuthorHouse) in 2003. These excerpts/condensations have to do with the sections of the book relating to the internment of Karl Friedrich Vogt from Dec. […]

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Internee E-Group

INTERNEE E-GROUP If you would like to join our online egroup for persons interested in German American and Latin American internment, you may do so by sending an email to the following address and typing SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. To join, you will be requested to establish a Yahoo ID, but may use your own […]

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Document Archive

  Materials Related to World War II Control and Internment of Civilians in the United States and Latin America Alien Enemies Act of 1798  Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders Presidential Proclamations, Dec 1941: Japanese 2525 German 2526 Italian 2527 Presidential Proclamation 2497, 17 Jul 1941 — blacklists Latin American firms/individuals Executive Order 8985, 19 Dec 1941 — establishes Office of […]

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CURRICULUM GUIDE AND LESSON PLANS Curriculum Guide and Lesson Plans, including Three One-Act Plays The following Instructions to Teachers, Lesson Plan Table of Contents and Lesson Plans are available in pdf format by clicking on the related, highlighted document title. INSTRUCTIONS TO TEACHERS LESSON PLAN TABLE OF CONTENTS Lesson Plans Lesson Plan One — The World […]

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