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Alien Enemies Act of 1798

Presidential Proclamations, Dec 1941:

  • Japanese 2525

  • German 2526

  • Italian 2527
  • Executive Order 9066, 19 Feb 1942

    Executive order 9095, 11 Mar 1942

    Presidential Proclamation 2655, July 1945

    Presidential Proclamation 2662, 8 Sept 1945

    Presidential Proclamation 2685, 10 April 1946

    German Nationals Deported by the Other American Republics Who Were Deported Via the United States, 25 April 1946 -- Lists 3317 individuals, mostly in family groups, sent to Europe to be exchanged for individuals being held in Germany. Dates and ships used are listed on the last page.

    Black List-Costa Rica

    Black List-El Salvador

    George Marshall Memo, 12 Dec 1942

    Memorandum regarding the Activities of the United States Government, 3 Nov 1942

    Department of State memos, (Wright, Bonsal, Cabot, Knapp) Nov 1943

    Bell to Ennis, 7 Dec 1943

    Bannerman to Fitch, 28 March 1944

    Department of State Press release, Nov. 1945

    Department of State memo, 4 Jan 1946

    White to Lafoon memo, 30 Jan 1946

    Notice to Internees from Latin America

    Arrest Warrant, 2 February 1947

    Langer Bill S. 1749, July 1947 (relating to release of internees remaining at Ellis Island)

    Ludecke v. Watkins decision, 21 June 1948

    Kelly to Vulliet Letter 7 August 1948 (total number of internees)

    Tolan Committee Report issued following the Tolan Committee Hearings (Select Committee Investigating National Defense Migration) held in Feb. 1942


    SS Ernest Hinds, January 1942, docked in New Orleans, Louisiana

    SS Etolin, April 1942 docked in California

    SS Atlantida, June 1942, docked in New Orleans, Louisiana (note written comments in column 12)

    USAT Evangeline, June 1942, docked in Tampa, Florida (two of six pages)

    USAT John T. Clem, June 1942, docked in New Orleans, Louisiana

    USAT Cuba, October 1942, docked in New Orleans, Louisiana (pgs. 5, 6--Note line 2: Leo Friedman; line 5: Eric Joseph; and line 6: Leo Keiles -- are listed as Jewish)

    USAT Puebla, February 1943, docked in San Pedro, California

    USAT Cuba, November 1943, docked in New Orleans, Louisiana

    USAT Colonel Frederick C. Johnson, October 1944, docked in New Orleans, Lousiana