World War II Enemy Aliens Program

World War II Enemy Aliens Program (2009)—National Archives and Records Administration, C-Span Video Library Archivist Lynn Goodsell talks about various aspects of the World War II “enemy alien control” programs and related records available at the National Archives. Besides the well known internment camps in California and Nevada for people of Japanese ancestry, she notes that camps […]

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Zum Nazi verdammt

German language documentary available online.  Zum Nazi verdammt. Das Schicksal deutschstämmiger US-Familien im 2. Weltkrieg, die in amerikanischen Lagern interniert wurden. Documentation directed by Michaela Kirst for Tangram Films, Deutschland, Bayr. Rundfunk, 2007, 52 Min.  Many interviews conducted in English with voiceovers.  Unfortunately, the online version ends 10 minutes early.  Documentary aired on German and French network […]

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