The Diplomat’s Daughter

Tenabe, Karin. Washington Square Press, 2017. Set partially in the Crystal City, Texas Internment Camp, this novel follows the romance of Emi Kato, a Japanese diplomat’s daughter, and Christian Lange, a young German from Wisconsin, during their internment and subsequent release; she repatriated to Japan, he enrolling in the U.S. Army. Leo Hartmann, her first […]

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Pilgrims of War: a Love Story

Veno, Carl A. Pilgrims of War: a Love Story. Fedeli Publishing Inc., 2011. (a novel) Beautiful Italian doctor Magdalena Russo is headed to a medical conference when the ship she’s on is seized at the Panama Canal. World War II is raging, and the passengers aboard the Italian ship are deemed a threat to the United States. […]

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Las Posesiones

Alvarado Quesada, Carlos. Las Posesiones. San José, Costa Rica: Editorial Uruk, April 2012. (a novel) Las Posesiones takes place at a time following the entry of the United States in World War II, when governments of several Latin American countries, including Costa Rica, set up internment camps to confine the Germans, Italians, Japanese and their descendants. Within the novel, the […]

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Where Clouds Meet the Water

Contag, Kimberly and James Grabowska. Where Clouds Meet the Water. Inkwater Press, 2004. Where the Clouds Meet the Water follows the historical journey of the German Ecuadorian widower, Ernst Contag, and his four young children from their home in the South American Andes to Nazi Germany in 1942. Blacklisted as an enemy alien, Ernst Contag and […]

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