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“Only the Oaks Remain” exhibit in San Francisco

“Only the Oaks Remain: The story of Tuna Canyon Detention Station” in WW II, is on display from June 9, 2018-January 31, 2019, at 640 Old Mason Street, Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129. Sponsored by the National Japanese American Historical Society, the exhibit tells the true stories of people targeted as dangerous enemy aliens […]

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view along fence to guard tower in the distance; row of trees to left

Ft. Lincoln, ND Civil Liberties Justice Center One Step Closer

The United Tribes Technical College, whose campus encompasses the former Fort Lincoln Internment Camp near Bismarck, North Dakota, has completed a Condition and Feasibility Assessment that provides recommendations to rehabilitate a former hospital and the hospital steward’s quarters for preservation and reuse. The study was funded with a 2013 grant from the Japanese American Confinement Sites […]

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New documentary on WWII internment airs

“Camp of the Innocents,” published May 24, 2017 on YouTube, is a documentary film about the Camp Algiers Alien Detention Station in Louisiana (near New Orleans), the Latin American civilians housed there, and the WW II Enemy Alien Control Program. Linked with permission from the documentarians.

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1943, 1944 inspection reports of Sharp Park, CA Alien Detention Camp

On 26 July 1943, Captain Antonio R. Martin, Spanish Vice-Consul at San Francisco, CA, James E. Henderson, representing the Department of State, and A. S. Hudson, Acting District Director of Immigration and Naturalization, San Francisco, CA, visited Sharp Park, CA Alien Detention Camp  for an inspection of the facilities. Their findings are summarized here, including a typical […]

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